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Your house in Japan

Essential step to start your new life, finding accommodation in Japan is not so easy. Offers in English are much less numerous than offers in Japanese and many obstacles can prevent you from renting: Japanese emergency contact in Japan, guarantor, etc. Even without speaking Japanese, Gaisapp gives you access to many apartment offers. We accompany you in the process of renting for you to find the ideal property. You will find on this page a detail of the different services offered by Gaisapp related to housing.

Search for accommodation

We accompany you to find your accommodation: apartment, traditional Japanese house, high-tech building ... Let us guide you through. Our consultants will give you the offers of the moment tailored to your needs and your budget. Registered as a real estate agency under the Livmo name, we offer the same real estate listings as those presented to the Japanese.

Visit of the accommodation with photos and videos

You are not in Japan yet or traveling? No problem: Gaisapp can do the tours for you and take pictures and videos attesting to the real condition of the accommodation. The photos include: each room of the apartment, view of windows, views from the outside as well as our comments on the environment near the apartment.

Accompanying with the signing of the contract

If you have been through our search for accommodation, we accompany you for free when signing your contract. We will orally translate for you the main points of the contract that will be put to you by the sworn agent. If you have researched and found your accommodation alone, but wish to be assisted in the signing of your contract, we will accompany you under the same conditions for 5,000 yen per hour.

Translation of the lease

Translation of your lease from Japanese to French or English.

Assistance in obtaining a rental contract

If you found your accommodation on your own but you cannot get the rental for various reasons (no guarantor, current visa of less than one year, etc.), Gaisapp will help you in your efforts to obtain the contract rent.

Emergency contact

In case of absence of emergency contact, we can provide you with one to validate your contract, whether you have found your accommodation alone or with our services.

Housing Guarantor

If you need a guarantor for your accommodation, we can become so for a deposit of 1 to 2 months of rent (depending on housing). Refundable upon the termination of your lease or in case of failure obtaining your rental agreement. Not refundable if you have unpaid rent or have caused excessive damage requiring work in your home not covered by your deposit with the housing company.

Housing contracting party

If your file is insufficient or contains too many areas blocked by the owner, we can establish the contract in our name by registering as a resident. In return a contract will be created between you and Gaisapp and we will be in charge of paying the rent to the owner.

Purchase of furniture

Define your needs, we will propose the furniture closest to your needs and we will buy it for you.

Interior coordination

Indicate the atmosphere you want and your overall budget. An interior designer will suggest the furniture that best suits your needs and will install everything in your home.

Moving in Help (or Moving)

We offer you quotes on several agencies and assist you in your steps for your moving in, or your moving.

Our Life Planners


Consultant Senior

Go through Gaisapp will give you many benefits:

  • A wider choice of housing (at the current cost of the market)
  • Accompaniment in your search until signature of the contract
  • Removing the obstacle from emergency contact
  • Removing the obstacle of the guarantor
  • Interaction with real estate agents in English for a better understanding
  • Follow-up of the file and the steps after obtaining the apartment
  • Implementation of your water, electricity and gas contracts
  • Follow up after your move
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