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Other services

Details of our rates

Do you need us only occasionally for specific tasks? Here is an overview of our services. What you need is not listed? Contact us and we can find a solution to your request!

  • Remote Housing Visit

    Price per visit
    If you can't visit an apartment we can visit it for you and send you videos/pictures or visit together via video call.
  • Administrative support

    Price per hour
    We can accompany you to the city hall, the tax office, etc. to help you complete your administrative procedures.
  • Interpret service

    Price per hour (start at)
    We provide you an interpret for any of your needs. Price varies depending of the language and the length of use.
  • Rental Agreement Translation

    Price per page
    If you need a translation of your contract from Japanese to English.
  • Emergency Contact

    Price per contract (+ 10% of the rent)
    You've applied to an appartment but you don't have an emergency contact? We can provide you one and help you clear this problem.
  • Housing Guarantor

    20% of the rent + one month deposit (start at)
    If you need a guarantor, we can try to provide you one. This service must be paid only if you successfully contracted for your appartment. The minimum fee is 20.000 JPY.
  • Sublease service

    5% of the monthly rent + one month deposit or 4% of 24 months rent paid in one time
  • Purchase and implementation of movable property

    minimum, 10% of the total amount of property to be purchased
  • Opening a phone contract

    Price per contract
    We accompany you to open a phone contract line (can take 1 to 3 hours). For au, Softbank and Docomo, you must know that your application can be rejected during the process.
  • Opening an Internet contract

    Price per contract
    We accompany you to open your Internet contract or open it remotely for you with the information you'll provide us.
  • Provision of a telephone contract

    Price per contract + 5% of monthly administrative fees
    If you can't open a line to the provider you're wishing, we can open a line for you and be the contractor. We charge you 5% of the monthly bill as a management fee.
  • Gaisapp Support Service "JAPAN HOTLINE"

    Price per month for 6 month minimum
    Contact us anytime by LINE, mail or phone and we'll provide you information regarding any inquiry you have while staying in Japan.
  • Gaisapp Support Service "JAPAN HOTLINE"

    Price per year
    Same service but with a pricing per year.
  • Interior design/renovation

    Consult us
    One of our partner will hear your needs and your budget and give you a proposal to design the interior of your house or renove it (only for owners or DIY buildings).
  • Lawyer Consultation

    Consult us
    If you need a lawyer, please contact us and we'll provide you an English speaking lawyer that can help you regarding your inquiry.
  • Airport shuttle

    Consult us


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