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Settle in all serenity

Everyday life in Japan can be difficult at first if you do not speak Japanese. We help you in the first steps essential to your coming to Japan: whether it is for everything related to communication, administrative procedures or your life.

Obtaining a mobile phone or a telephone contract

To obtain a telephone contract from one of the big three operators: your Visa must ends at least 24 months after the start of your subscription. We offer assistance in the steps (subscription or without subscription) and if necessary, a warranty service to help you get your contract phone and / or your mobile.

Obtaining a home Internet line or a Pocket Wifi

Whether you choose a Pocket WiFi to carry with you to access the Internet or a fiber optic connection at home, we help you choose the best offer and subscribe to it. Most of the time, you will also get discount coupons or cash back of up to 60,000 yen.

Opening of your water, electricity, and gas contracts

Gaisapp assists you in the steps to set up your essential for your home: water, electricity or gas contracts. We can help you to move your contracts if necessary. (see our side services)

Opening a bank account

We can help you open your account. We recommend you a consultation with one of our advisers to know what can be done according to your situation for the opening of an account in another bank, the obtaining of a payment card, etc.

Administrative procedures

We can accompany you to achieve registration with your city, obtaining administrative documents (certificate of residence, certificate of payment of taxes, etc.), procedure of getting the My Number card.


For the creation or renewal of your visa we can provide you with a specialized lawyer. Do not hesitate to consult us whatever your profile.


From kindergarten to university, we can help you find the school you need. In connection with several private universities we can help you to open your application file and apply in the course of your choice (language, design, marketing...).

Our Life Planners


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  • Speed and efficiency
  • Personalized proposal
  • Custom quote
  • Accompanying in person if needed
  • Simplified administrative procedures
  • Translation / interpretation
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