1 Contact Gaisapp to estimate the necessary budget.
2 Search and visit apartments.
3 Mount your file with Gaisapp and move in.

For any question or request for a quote, contact us by email at [email protected] Thank you!


We offer many options to help you settle in and live your life in Japan with serenity.


We help you find your ideal place in Japan, whether rent, purchase or investment.

  • Search for accommodation
  • Visit of the accommodation with photos and videos
  • Assistance with the signing of the contract
  • Translation of the lease agreement
  • Assistance in obtaining a rental agreement
  • Providing an emergency contact
  • Guarantor service
  • Sublease service
  • Purchase of furnitures
  • Interior coordination
  • Moving-in and out assistance

Daily life

If you do not speak Japanese and have no patience to win the battle of administrative procedures, we can support you.

  • Obtaining a mobile phone and / or a telephone contract
  • Obtaining a home Internet line or a Pocket Wifi
  • Establishment of water, electricity and gas contracts
  • Opening a bank account
  • Administrative procedure in the city hall
  • VISA application
  • Applying to a school/nursery

Japan Hotline

Our daily life assistance. We answer all your questions by LINE, email or phone.

  • Contact with your relatives abroad in case of problem
  • Direct assistance in case of problems
  • Personalized response to your request
  • Fast intervention
  • Translation on demand
  • Getting in touch with a lawyer if necessary

Japan is waiting for you!

This is a wonderful country but cultural differences can get some people lost. We're here to help you, whatever is your situation. Our life consultants are here to make your arrival easier in Japan.

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