1 Contact Gaisapp to estimate the necessary budget.
2 Search and visit apartments.
3 Mount your file with Gaisapp and move in.

For any question or request for a quote, contact us by email at [email protected] Thank you!

Always present for you!

Properly installed, you may have to deal with situations that you do not have a solution for or that you can not manage alone. Gaisapp, with its Japan Hotline, is committed to find an answer to all your questions as soon as possible.

Assistance in case of problems

A water leak, a power failure, neighborhood problems, a paper in your mailbox that you do not understand? Contact your advisor immediately by phone, email or LINE. This one will analyze the situation and propose you an appropriate solution.

Customer assistance by Line

Fast intervention

Thanks to the various means of contact (phone, LINE, mail, etc.) our consultants will try to answer your questions in the shortest possible time.

Our Life Planners


Consultant Senior
  • Reactivity and availability
  • Custom answer
  • Translation / interpretation
  • Direct contact with your consultants
  • Daily assistance of your life in Japan
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