1 Contact Gaisapp to estimate the necessary budget.
2 Search and visit apartments.
3 Mount your file with Gaisapp and move in.

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The 6 key steps to get your housing in Japan.

Rental in Japan follows a specific process and can be complex for foreigners, especially if you do not speak the language. But Gaisapp accompanies you in all the stages of your research to make it easier for you:


Define your needs

Once you have contacted Gaisapp we invite you to complete our "Housing Search" questionnaire to better assess your situation and what you are looking for. We also check if your request matches the realities of the market and your personal situation.

Proposal of properties

Following the evaluation of your needs we offer several apartments so you can choose the ones that interest you, and check their availability. Like any real estate agency in Japan, we have access to almost all the apartments listed on the market. We can also check apartments that you would have found on the Internet or in street ads directly.

Visit of properties

If the apartments you have chosen are available, we make an appointment with the management company. The visit can be done with you or by sending a subsequent report with photos and videos if you are not in Japan or in the region.

Request to rent the property (申込書 - MOUSHIKOMISHO)

Have you found your happiness? It is not over yet. If you are interested in one (or more) properties, fill in a moushikomisho (申込書): it is more or less an application file that the management company and / or the owner will use to estimate if you can rent the property . This document contains information on the contractor (name, address, place of work, salary, etc.) and on the future occupants of the accommodation. It is during this request that you will also have to indicate the emergency contact (緊急連絡先 - kinkyuu renraku saki) or the guarantor of your accommodation (保証人 - hoshounin) or deposit in parallel a rent insurance application form with a hoshougaisha (保証会社: company paying wages to the owner even in case of default of the tenant).

Contract signature

Once your file is validated by the agency, you did the hardest! Unless you decide to cancel, you can consider the apartment as yours. Once you have paid the initial fees for your rental, we will collect your contract you will sign to finalize the terms of the lease. The signature of the contract is made in the presence of an authorized agent who reads the terms of the contract (in Japanese only). Gaisapp can provide you with an interpreter for this step and can also translate the contract.

Delivery of keys and moving

You are now a tenant of your apartment! All you have to do is get the keys, usually the day before the move, and move into your property! If these explanations leave you hungry, you can always consult the F.A.Q.


Let's discuss together your project without further delay.

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